“That wasn’t a compliment”

1 07 2011

San Francisco, man.

I suppose this is supposed to be about our internships, but that hardly seems sufficient.

My coworkers and my responsibilities at work are all great. I’m becoming more and more passionate about Sharp Park, you may find me chaining myself to the trees later as that was a childhood goal of mine and it only seems appropriate. In all seriousness though, what I’m finding really fascinating about this is how much it seems to align with a part of me that I haven’t payed much attention to in a while, that part being the avid environmentalist I was as a child. Literally, one of the games I loved to play on the playground in elementary school was to pretend to be a guardian of the trees. Surprisingly, I also had friends. I swear. Anyway, to the point, I’m enjoying this. Environmentalist Mallory disappeared into social welfare Mallory for a while, but its nice to see her back for a bit.

Beyond reconnecting with my childhood dreams, I am having the most absurd interactions with San Francisco residents, especially while canvassing. Yesterday, for example, I was canvassing outside of the Safeway in the Marina. I had been out there for nearly an hour when I decided that I was thirsty and walked inside for a drink and a bit of a break. It took longer than expected as I ended up behind what turned out to be the epitome of “crazy lady with the coupons.” She actually said to the cashier when it was all over, “Don’t worry! I’ll be back soon! I have more coupons!” The poor girl had no idea how to respond. Anyway, I must have caught the attention of the employees, because after going back outside, I was followed by one of the cart girls who approached me and asked if I had a boyfriend. She explained that her friend and fellow employee thought I was real cute. I thought to myself, aw, how sweet, and I explained that I was probably a little old for her friend (because, really, who sends a friend to tell someone they are cute after the age of 15?) Wrong. She replied that he was 29. And a grocery bagger. What a gem. I said he could only come talk to me if he was registered to vote which, luckily, he was not.

Later on that evening a rather terrifying man in a wife beater told me that I fit right in here in San Francisco (in conversation I mentioned being from Chicago) and when I thanked him he replied that it wasn’t a compliment. Strange. In addition to the wackos, however, I have also met a ton of interesting and friendly people. This job is really improving my ability to talk comfortably with strangers. I’ve even gotten good at leaving voicemails, which everyone knows is the most awkward of human interaction.

Also, prepare yourselves, at some point in the future I will be inviting you all to a frog and snake themed costume party.

That is all for now,

Much love,





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